In July Google Chrome will Mark all HTTP sites as “Not Secure”

Google is doing something good here.  If a website isn’t using SSL (i.e. https://), it is easily hackable.  It’s not something I do, but there is even freeware like the Beef Project that gives someone a UI to exploit non-secure http sites. In the latest post from the Google Security Blog, Google let us all […]

Former Facebook and Google Employees are Fighting What They Helped Create

Remember Google’s slogan in their early days?  It was “Don’t Be Evil.”  Yes, really. Ok, now that you’ve stopped laughing, you should know that some former employees of both Google and Facebook have started an organization called the Center for Human Technology. Their website states the problem clearly: What began as a race to monetize […]


Why Be Good?

In December, 2017, there was plenty of general outrage about the FCC repealing the Net Neutrality protections, giving internet service providers (ISPs) the ability to arbitrarily throttle any web page or content.  There is also a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways that it can potentially lead to thoughtlessness in life-changing […]